PRO Instruments added to the Database in June 2016

The new database launched successfully at ispor dc with an ontology of the 4,250 pro tools identified from more than 22,200 pro study abstracts. In the two weeks since then, we’ve added another 18 instruments to the ontology.

We developed our ontology of patient- and clinician-reported instruments from an analysis of over 22,000 relevant abstracts within the database. Our automated indexing software links newly published abstracts to the instruments already in the ontology, and our human experts add new items we identify when we sign off the paper moderation.

New PRO instruments added to the ontology since ISPOR DC are shown in the table below.

Each of these new instruments has been mapped to one or more abstract that cited its use.

See more about here, or click here(external link) to access the database.

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