IQCode - A copyright-free, carer-based dementia screening tool that performs as well as MMSE.

1. Remembering things about family and friends e.g. occupations, birthdays, addresses?

2. Remembering things that have happened recently?

3. Recalling conversations a few days later?

4. Remembering his/her address and telephone number?

5. Remembering what day and month it is?

6. Remembering where things are usually kept?

7. Remembering where to find things which have been put in a different place from usual?

8. Knowing how to work familiar machines around the house?

9. Learning to use a new gadget or machine around the house?

10. Learning new things in general?

11. Following a story in a book or on TV?

12. Making decisions on everyday matters?

13. Handling money for shopping?

14. Handling financial matters e.g. the pension, dealing with the bank?

15. Handling other everyday arithmetic problems e.g. knowing how much food to buy, knowing how long between visits from family or friends?

16. Using his/her intelligence to understand what's going on and to reason things through?

Score =

Normal < 3.31; Probably impaired 3.31 - 3.38; Significantly impaired > 3.38