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Since its foundation, Crystallise Ltd has carried out over 100 scientific literature reviews and has become a trusted partner to businesses in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and insurance sectors. Our projects are carried out by a highly experienced team of people with multi-disciplinary backgrounds. We have over 60 years of systematic review experience, over 45 years of clinical experience, over 25 years of research, over 15 years of teaching and over 20 years of experience in insurance/ pensions.

Dr Chris Martin

Director and Head of Modelling

Dr Alison Martin

Director and Head of Reviews

Ashley Campbell

Director of Actuarial

Nicky Draper

Director of Longevity Consulting

Dr William Letton

Research and Development Consultant

Holly Gould

Senior Researcher

Hannah Rice

Senior Researcher

Michal Witkowski

Senior Research Analyst

Neelam Rathore

Data Scientist

Dr Andrea Bertuzzi

Researcher / Proof-reader

Dr Jay Bilimoria

Researcher / Proof-reader

Dr Kalliopi Roussi

Researcher / Proof-reader

Fern Wesson

Researcher / Proof-reader / Editor

Dr Christianah Edema

Senior Researcher

Eleanor King


Tahera Patel

Researcher / Project coordinator

Sue Martin

Business Manager

Danielle Bodicoat

Medical statistician (Simplified Data)

Dr Rahul Sarkhar

Consultant Respiratory and Critical Care Physician

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