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At Crystallise we seek to clarify decision-making from biomedical evidence. Whether you are a pharmaceutical executive, healthcare manager or an actuary, we deliver high quality, competitively priced biomedical evidence syntheses, analyses and models – quickly, reliably and efficiently.

Our Vision: Crystallising medical evidence to improve decision making.

Our Mission: To make the synthesis and analysis of biomedical evidence more efficient, objective and reliable.

Our values:

  • Inclusiveness: Opportunities are provided according to ability and not background. We play to people’s strengths and recognise that diversity in the team and a cooperative culture makes us more than the sum of our parts.
  • Social responsibility: The company should serve a social purpose as well as a commercial one. We should maximise the common good we can provide and minimise any harms from our activities. We should value and nurture our clients and team members.
  • Innovation: We should take risks to explore new ways of working to keep improving quality and efficiency.
  • Integrity: We should endeavour to act responsibly, honourably, fairly, conscientiously and justly – not just legally – in all our actions.
  • Reliability: Delivering what we said we would – when we said we would.

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