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Crystallise takes an innovative approach to managing and modelling biomedical information. Our expertise in medicine, pharmacy, modelling, actuarial science, and more, coupled with industry experience in insurance and healthcare, gives us a unique approach to finding ingenious solutions to problems, delivering high-quality products and services.

Typical Projects:

  • EVIDENCE: Rigorous research for the insurance industry providing an unbiased evidence base for key underwriting and risk management decisions.
  • DATA: Acquiring, curating and analysing difficult to interpret datasets important for the purposes of modelling mortality and morbidity (e.g. drug pipeline data, biometrics).
  • MODELLING: Advising on, building or validating mortality and morbidity models, longevity models and infectious disease models in the insurance, healthcare, and pensions industry.
  • MODEL PARAMETERISATION: Evidencing and statistically deriving parameters and assumptions, including expert judgment in data-scarce scenarios, for third-party clients’ internal models in underwriting & risk management.

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