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Sonata Prelude

This simple, free individualised mortality model lets you estimate your lifespan and see how modifying risk factors may help you live longer

Sonata Vivo

Our consultants use this individualised mortality model to help pharmaceutical and healthcare providers identify unmet needs and plan services

Multidisciplinary Mortality Modelling

Tools and Reports


Our database of studies relevant to health economics and outcomes research.

Medical Tools

Our range of free tools for clinicians to use in the consultation


Comment and interpretation on what's happening in medical research and mortality risk

Vital signs

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Our medical and pharmaceutical experience

The Crystallise team has more than 50 years' combined experience in providing services for healthcare and pharmaceutical clients Qualified doctors provide medical insight into mortality trends and their drivers Clinical understanding means new medical developments are rapidly evaluated in the context of current practice and unmet needs Staff experienced in evidence synthesis for pharmaceutical and health technology assessment clients ensure reports are based on systematic evaluation of the evidence Reports are based on Crystallise's continuous evidence surveillance for new publications on relative mortality, mortality improvement and ageing Additional systematic searches provide unbiased additional content Staff skilled in writing for a non-medical audience mean the evidence is synthesised into easily understood reports Disease-specific reports explain mortality trends and their main drivers Pragmatic and systematic evidence synthesis skills mean bespoke reports can be adapted to your requirements, deadlines and budget

Our modelling experience

The Crystallise team has more than 30 years' combined experience in modelling data for healthcare, pharmaceutical and financial clients Data identification and cleansing skills ensure reliable model inputs Smoothing and statistical expertise means data can be presented at different levels of granularity without losing validity or confusing outputs with unnecessary "noise" Staff with combined medical, financial and modelling skills mean model outputs make sense for clinicians, actuaries, financial advisors and healthcare payers or providers Mortality models allow you flexibility in choosing outputs, including central mortality, curves of death, life expectancy and years of life lost - overall and by cause of death

Our programming experience

The Crystallise team has more than 45 years' combined experience in computer programming and software development for healthcare and financial clients Experienced programmers translate mortality models into easy-to-use software Full website functionality and secure cloud-based servers ensure reliable access for subscribers Staff skilled in data visualisation and graphic design bring the data to life Manipulation of 3D images leads to detailed understanding of underlying patterns and trends in the data Medical input into graphic design provides clear representation of complex medical concepts

Our financial sector experience

The Crystallise team has more than 10 years of collective experience on interpreting mortality data for financial clients. Staff with medical expertise rapidly identify significant medical advances that will affect mortality improvement