Global Value Dossiers

Global Value Dossiers present the evidence to support the value story for a product.

Case Studies

A client in the field of biotechnology wanted to generate comprehensive global value dossiers to make clear to Payers how patients and providers would benefit from the use of their products. We used our systematic literature review expertise to find the key studies to support the client’s value messages and identify claims where the evidence was equivocal. The resulting reports have received highly positive feedback from the client, affirming the quality and significance of our work.
To strengthen their market presence and communicate the value of their new drug, a pharmaceutical company commissioned us to create a global value dossier that would highlight the benefits of their new product compared with standard care. Our global value dossier effectively distilled of the body of information provided by the client and identified additional studies to help the client develop their value story.

Our team of highly experienced professionals can generate thorough and comprehensive market access products such as Global Value Dossiers to support any product. Our top-level writing skills, high attention to detail and expertise in the generation of visually appealing and informative graphics have enabled the generation of high-quality dossiers, slide decks, objection handlers and other leave-pieces, which were greatly appreciated by our clients.

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