Rapid Evidence Synthesis

Rapid Reviews provide a quick overview of the literature at abstract level, without having to wait for a full SLR to be completed

Case Studies

A pharmaceutical client had just successfully launched a new product for one indication and wanted to explore a number of other disease areas where the drug might be beneficial. To guide business development planning, they needed a rapid overview of the evidence of the epidemiology, treatment patterns, humanistic and economic burden and unmet needs of a number of diseases. With a statement of work for five Rapid Reviews at a time, we were able to deliver each Evidence Map and slide deck 4 to 6 weeks after receiving the request.
A Reinsurance client sought a rapid and comprehensive overview of key disease areas to inform critical illness product underwriting. They needed insights into evolving disease definitions, diagnosis methods, and new technologies impacting morbidity, mortality and workability of affected individuals. Our expert team of medical researchers conducted a swift and in-depth evidence synthesis project. Over two months, we collated and analysed evidence on nine disease areas, presenting concise reports to the client. Our work informed key management decisions surrounding their medical underwriting practices and risk management.
A pharmaceutical client wanted a very rapid, top-level overview of four disease areas at the same time to help them decide which one to focus on for business development. We ran a highly focused search for evidence on the typical features of the diseases, how they are currently managed, unmet needs and key challenges in their treatment, and summarised this in around 6 slides per disease. All four slide decks were delivered after around 6 weeks.
An NHS body wanted to know what the evidence was on how best to encourage hard-to-reach patients to accept influenza and other vaccinations, to guide their public health activities around flu and Covid-19. We conducted an umbrella review of existing systematic reviews and summarized the findings in a report and slide deck in just three weeks.

Finding a few papers to summarise on a topic can be very quick. However, being sure that those papers will give an unbiased overview of the disease takes more time and knowledge.

Our team of medics and biomedical graduates can quickly assess a body of evidence from focused systematic searches and synthesise the findings in a brief slide deck or short report in less than a month. Our range of micro and rapid reviews speedily support clients’ business development with a guide to current management and unmet needs for each potential new indication. Our templated approach means we can usually provide a visual overview of a new topic as a slide deck within 4 to 6 weeks, with clients able to drill down into the literature via an Evidence Map. Because we start with a structured search, clients can be reassured that we will identify negative as well as positive studies and provide an unbiased overview of the evidence.

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