Targeted Literature Reviews

Targeted reviews provide a broad summary of the most important evidence on a topic

Case Studies

A client in the pharmaceutical industry wanted to assess the efficacy and safety of their drug in a specific patient population. Our targeted review, which summarised the evidence from the largest studies with the longest follow-up, revealed promising results regarding the use of the client’s drug in contrast with its main competitors. The findings of our targeted literature review provided the necessary foundation to help our client differentiate its product in the market.
A client with an established pharmaceutical product wanted to collate all the evidence on the burden of illness in its licensed indications. We conducted a targeted review to identify the main publications on the epidemiology, humanistic and economic burden of the three indications. We provided a single document as an evidence repository for each disease, with infographics, charts and summary tables helping to sum up the key evidence, supplemented by a list of all the relevant citations identified by the systematic search.

Our targeted reviews aim to summarise the literature on a specific research topic, using the most relevant and/ or highest quality publications. A systematic search is made for potentially relevant publications, which are each screened by one or two researchers. Following consultation with the client, often involving consideration of the data in an Evidence Map, only a subset of the relevant studies is included in the report, usually the ones of highest quality or the ones with outcomes of greatest interest to the client. The report may be supplemented by a summary slide deck to help disseminate the key facts and learnings from the evidence.

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