Horizon Scanning

Monitor key technologies and future developments through our unique approach to quantifying medical progress over time.

Case Studies

A leading life insurer, required up-to-date insights on emerging trends and recent advancements in the biomedical field that could impact their portfolio. We became a strategic partner in longevity risk management, delivering a semi-annual horizon scanning report as part of our service. We delivered timely and comprehensive analysis of key longevity factors, including advancements in biomedical research and medical technologies.

Crystallise’s Horizon Scanning service empowers clients with evidence-based foresight on mortality and morbidity risks. We identify impactful technologies using varied data sources—technology patents, biomedical research, clinical trials, and more. Monitoring developments in technologies such as Genetic therapies, CAR-T, Monoclonal antibodies, Immunotherapies, and more conventional drugs/treatments, enables insurers to stay ahead of the curve.

Risk indicators and bespoke reports provide actionable insights into biomedical progress. Moreover, we monitor future developments that might have adverse effects on mortality, such as antibiotic resistance or long-term impacts of COVID-19.


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